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Who We Are

We love your dog,
just as you do!

We want to to enhance your relationship with your dog. From basic obedience training to advanced protection work, we have the experience and resources you need to succeed!
We don’t just train dogs, we train humans too, empowering them to make informed choices about their dogs training by teaching them WHAT to do as well as WHEN it should be done and WHY.
We understand the importance of making sure our clients have the necessary skills to maintain their dogs training seamlessly. We strive to provide you with easy-to-follow, proven programming to help your dog develop durable, reliable obedience at home and everywhere else.

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We are here to help you!

Do you love your dog, but don’t ‘like’ him very much because of his annoying behavior?
Have you tried other training that just didn’t work?
Is taking your dog to the vet, the groomer, or in public a burden because of his pulling, lunging or jumping?
You wanted a companion you can enjoy as a member of the family, not a nuisance you have endure and lock away when family or friends come to visit.
Your dog is more than capable of learning how to be polite on leash or off, around company, and around distractions!

Basic Obedience

Our Basic Dog Obedience Program is designed for owners who want well trained dogs, but don’t have the time to do it themselves, or don’t know where to start! The perfect solution for the busy owner!

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Advanced Obedience

The Advanced Obedience program takes your dog to the next level of being able to perform a variety of important skills off-leash.

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Protection Dog Skills:
Alert on command (bark and show signs of aggression)
Bite and hold (apprehend attacker and hold until release is given, off-leash)
Release on command
Pursue and apprehend (K-9 will chase, bite and hold attacker)
Adjusted to living in home setting.
Exposed to a variety of environments.

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AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

We are AKC Certified Evaluators for the Cainie Good Citizen Certification Program.
CGC is a ten-skill training program that’s open to all dogs–purebred and mixed breed–that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience…

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Happy Faces

Happy customers are our best reward – when you’re happy we’re happy!

“Sherrie is the best! She truly cares.. and is one of the most helpful people you will ever meet”

Rebekah D. Turlock, CA

“..Their facility is awesome and the training that they gave my pup was top notch”

Andrew G. Lodi, CA

“Great trainer that put me at ease when I dropped my Shepherd off for Puppy Boot Camp.. It was so worth it”

Erika B. Stockton, CA